Making Resolutions

The arrival of a new year invariably brings with it a desire to do something differently. It usually comes in the form of a resolution, and that is usually framed in terms of getting something right in your life. Like losing weight. Or saving money. Or spending more time with family. Or washing the cat.

I’m one of those people who occasionally used to come up with a resolution or two every January 1 but who has in recent years — make that the last four decades or so — abandoned the idea. Partly because I never seem to keep them, and partly because I keep forgetting to make them. Americans as a bunch seem to have similar issues with consistency. A study by researchers at the University of Scranton — who might consider resolving to spend their time in better ways — turned up evidence that 45% of Americans usually make new year’s resolutions. Not surprising. But they also found that 39% NEVER make resolutions. In other words, we are a divided people.

This, of course, is hardly a headline. Some Democrats and many Republicans these days seem divided by everything including logic, good sense and well being. I doubt the two major political parties could even agree on a need for resolutions much less what they ought to be. So it’s up to the rest of us — that is, those of us who don’t serve in Congress — to come up with some resolutions if we are to preserve new year’s traditions. Of course, as I mentioned, I’m on the side of no resolutions, so I’ll have to cross the aisle, so to speak, in an effort to come up with anything.

In a desire to further compromise — a word politicians can no longer even spell, apparently — I offer my own resolutions for 2013, admittedly a very short list but one I’ll actually make an effort to fulfill:

1. I will not seek election to Congress.

2. I will read more good books.

3. I will stop eating so many potato chips.

4. I will take longer vacations (seriously).

5. I will stop buying watches (seriously).

6. I will not use any of my digits to communicate with idiots behind the wheel of other cars.

7. I will continue support for the Boston Red Sox no matter what stupid things management does.

There. I must confess i do feel a little better. A little more determined. Resolved. You can check back with me later in the year so see how things are working out. Although if you cut me off in traffic you may not have to wait long.

Happy New Year. See you in ’13.


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