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Endings are really just another way of beginning. And as another end looms for me, so another beginning awaits. And very soon.

After more than 10 wonderfully satisfying, fun-filled years as executive director of the Georgia Center for the Book, I am  departing for an eagerly anticipated reward: a life and time close to kids and grandkids. Call it a retirement if you like, but to me it’s just the next step on a continuing, memorable journey.

Of course, the Center for the Book has been its own reward in many ways. The opportunity to connect tens of thousands of readers to an amazing variety of writers in my native state over the last decade has been a formidable and consistently delightful challenge. And I’ve gotten paid for it — how lucky is that? To be able to read books for a living, talk about them and share their authors has been an endeavor for which I shall always be grateful.

And I will always be grateful for the many people I have come to know, a lot and a little, in the process. Our paths have crossed frequently, and I have always been the beneficiary of an affectionate support that I cannot begin to repay. Everything that I accomplished  would have meant nothing  had there been no one there to share it with. Fortunately, there were many, and I thank you all.

I’ve learned lots of things over the last 10 years. Foremost among them  has been an unabashed admiration for the gift of public libraries and the dedicated work of librarians. We should all honor them.

So it’s time to hit the road. Lots more thrills and chills ahead. Besides, I hope to have the time now to figure out what it is I really want to do when I grow up.

Blessings to all of you. And thanks, too.




10 thoughts on “The Last Bill Blog

  1. Bill,

    I’m sorry to hear you’re leaving but I’m sure it’s a well deserved rest. Hope to hear more from you in book form, if it’s not more Scottish adventures, then I suppose it’ll be something else. Good luck to you.

    Michael Welter

  2. Gosh, Bill…I’m sad for me but happy for you as you travel on to your new adventure. I wish you JOY!!!
    You and your magnificent program “for the Book” saved my life when I moved here 5 1/2 years ago. I am so grateful for you and all your beautiful work. It brought me community and inspiration. Of course I will continue to attend but… it just won’t be the same without you! Thank you for your “gift” of the Book and you. I’ll miss you
    Love and Light,

  3. Bill,

    Just read of your imminent retirement.

    Please know that your work with the Georgia Center for the Book, the Georgia Literary Festival, and with the Decatur Book Festival, has meant a great deal to our written-and-spoken-word -loving community. It has provided opportunities to hear international authors as well as passionate new writers—we need both.

    The success of these events owes a lot to you and your staff. We’ve noticed the attention to detail, and graciousness with audience members as well as celebrities. And a ready sense of humor has been appreciated!

    Well, my family will hoist a brew and voice an appropriate literary toast to you later this month. Many good wishes to you and your family!

    With thanks,

    Melanie White
    Media Center

  4. Wow! Bill.
    What an impact you have had on the bookworld! Has it really been only a decade?
    We will delight in imagining you in this new chapter. Also, we will be watching for that new book.
    I will always remember your responsiveness to my overture about using FBCD as a venue. Thanks for your confidence that this partnership would be successful.
    Here’s to great roads ahead..

  5. Thanks Bill for all your help at the Lit. Festival. Held our hands and kept your cool!
    Enjoy your retirement, you deserve every minute of it. However, we will be expecting another book…..maybe more!

  6. All the best to you, Bill, as you embark on another of life’s adventures! You will be missed greatly, but wishing you much happiness in your new home and many wonderful trips to enjoy all that NYC has to offer.

  7. Bill

    We welcome you with open arms to New England and to the authors’ committee of the Brattleboro Literary Festival. Stop in the Brattleboro library sometime soon and say hey. I should be in my office on the mezzanine.

    Jerry Carbone
    Library Director
    Brooks Memorial Library

  8. Congratulations, Bill! Thank you for your support and guidance in getting us through our 2008 Georgia Literary Festival here in Bainbridge. People still talk about how much fun it was and that we should do another…right!
    If you ever get down this way, Berry & I would love to see you!
    Best wishes for a healthy and enriched retirement!

  9. Bill, Many congratulations on a grand contribution to the great state of GA–and beyond. And here’s to all good adventures to come. Thanks for inviting me, a prodigal daughter.

  10. Hi Holden-
    Thank you for your reply. I am not sure to which authors or programs you are referring, but we at the GCB attempt give all authors and patrons the best experience possible.

    Should you wish to discuss this matter further, I can be reached at:

    Joe Davich

    Executive Director, Georgia Center for the Book

    Celebrating 15 Years supporting the Literary Arts in Georgia

    Decatur Library

    215 Sycamore St.

    Decatur, GA, 30030

    404-370-8450, Ext. 2285

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