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Robin Oliveira

Robin Oliveira

Decatur Library Auditorium

May 21, 2010, 7:15 P.M.

If you found yourself caught up in the atmosphere and power of Charles Frazier’s novel Cold Mountain and Robert Hicks’ The Widow of the South, we think you’ll want to hear Robin Oliveira talk about her new Civil War-era novel, My Name is Mary Sutter. It’s about a headstrong young woman on the eve of the bloody clash who has become a midwife and is now seeking to enter medical school. Rejected because of her sex, she finds a surgeon and mentor who will become even more in Mary’s life, leaving her caught between the obligations to her family and the overwhelming needs of her soldier-patients. It’s an exceptionally moving story of love and war and a young woman’s determination and vulnerability at a time of great stress.