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Brooke Gladstone

Brooke Gladstone

Decatur Library Auditorium

June 13, 2011, 7:15 P.M.

Nearly one millions listeners trust NPR’s Brooke Gladstone to guide them through the distortions and complexities of the modern media. Now, in her brand new book of graphic nonfiction, ”The Influencing Machine,” Gladstone bursts onto the page as an illustrated character in vivid comics drawn by acclaimed artist Josh Neufeld. We’re happy to host Gladstone, the co-host of NPR’s award-winning ”On the Media” and a former senior editor at Weekend Edition and All Things Considered. She is the winner of several journalism honors including a pair of prestigious Peabody Awards. In her new book, her cartoon figure conducts readers on a fascinating tour of media history, debunking with wit and savvy the notion that ”the media” is an external force beyond our control. We know you’ll enjoy this exciting, unusual program featuring one of NPR’s most delightful personalities!