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Carlos Andres Gomez

Carlos Andres Gomez

Decatur Library

October 10, 2012, 7:15 P.M.

Award-winning actor, poet and writer Carlos Andres Gomez is a gifted storyteller with a captivating voice whose power resonates on the stage and on the page. In his new book, ”Man Up: Cracking the Code of Modern Manhood,” he gives us powerful lessons about the costs of aggression in young men and makes clear why squelching emotions can be so dangerous. His book is an agent for positive change in men, and it urges everyone -- men and women of all ages -- to rethink and redefine the ways men interact with others, deal with violence, handle fear and express emotion. This most important book was inspired by Gomez’ highly praised one-man play. He has lived all over the world and has appeared in movies (including Spike Lee’s film ”Inside Man”) and on HBO. We will have copies of his book available for sale and signing at this event.