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Susan Puckett

Susan Puckett

Decatur Library Auditorium

May 22, 2013, 7:15 P.M.

For two decades, Susan Puckett was the food editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and now she has crafted a new book that focuses on her native Mississippi Delta: ”Eat Drink Delta: A Hungry Traveler’s Journey Through the Soul of the South.” It is part travelogue, , part memoir and part photo gallery and captures all the contradictions in a region that is known for its poverty and racial divide and yet lures people who want to experience its music, art and food. There are lots of fascinating recipes here, but you don’t have to be a cook to enjoy all the book has to offer. We’ll have copies for sale and signing. This event is part of our observance of the annual Decatur Arts Festival week.