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Connecting Lines: Building Empathy Through Literature

Connecting Lines: Building Empathy Through Literature

Decatur Library Auditorium

January 11, 2017, 7:15p.m.

Why Literature Matters and How Reading Leads to Empathy: A Reading and Lecture Series presented by Dr. Pearl A. McHaney Kenneth M. England Professor of Southern Literature at Georgia State University. In light of the calls for justice in the US, and hearing our leaders from many areas say that one action that should be taken is to consider others, to think about being in their shoes, their situations, to understand the daily fear people of color experience, Pearl McHaney will present the following series for the Georgia Center for the Book for Spring 2017. Pearl believes that the way to the future is not in how we are different but how we are the same and that literature provides the thinking and actions that are being called for. The texts she will present include young adult, adult, and crossover novels. The lectures will be suitable for general audience, young people, parents, and teachers. Attendees could read the books or not. Pearl will be bringing the texts to light in how the authors and their characters see other worlds, recognize and work with difference, make decisions, learn empathy.