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Molly Brodak and Cory Martin

Molly Brodak and Cory Martin

Decatur Library Auditorium

May 25, 2017, 7:15p.m.

The Georgia Center for the Book is pleased to present Molly Brodak and Cory Martin, who will discuss their books, Bandit and Love Sick. Written in precise, spellbinding prose, Bandit is a stunning, gut-punch story of family and memory, of the tragic fallibility of the stories we tell ourselves, and of the contours of a father’s responsibility for his children. Love Sick is a smart and witty account of dating while navigating a life of uncertain health. Writing from a place of strength and vulnerability, Cory Martin faces her fears head on with humor and grace. Her tales are true to life and relatable. There is no magical ending and no grand epiphany. Instead it is her desire to be loved and feel normal that makes her journey so poignant.